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The Crucial Importance of Open and Honest Communication to High Reliability Organizations Carmine Gallo of notes that the crash of Asiana flight 214 at San Francisco International Airport has put aviation safety back in the spotlight.  Mr. Gallo interviewed Beyond The Checklist: What Else Healthcare Has to Learn from Aviation Safety and Teamwork co-author […]

Breaking News: Nothing New to Report!

In its May, 2013 issue, Consumer Reports (CR) tells us that “Safety still lags in U.S. hospitals – our ratings show most hospitals need to improve.”  The good news in the article is that more hospitals are reporting their errors (such as hospital acquired infections, readmission & complication rates and overuse of certain procedures). Without […]

Meet Risk Management Consultant Patrick Mendenhall

Recent Interview with Blogger Marguerite Giguere What is your background in aviation? I started flying when I was 16 and got my private license at 19. I majored in Aerospace Engineering at the University of Washington, worked for Boeing in flight testing then went into the navy to fly fighters. I was active duty for […]