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Online CRM Training

We provide CRM training in a variety of platforms, including live (in-person), webinar and online.  Online CRM training produced and delivered through our training partner, and is by far our most popular training product.  Our CRM training program includes all elements stipulated by the FAA, Transport Canada and EASA, presented in an efficient, practical and entertaining fashion. Learn more »

Joint Annual Training

Transport Canada now requires annual CRM training requiring “…joint participation of flight crew, flight attendant, dispatchers/flight followers, ground crew and maintenance personnel…” Depending upon the size and scope of operation, fulfilling this requirement can be rather challenging and costly. In conjunction with, CRC provides a smooth, efficient, cost-conscious and most importantly – effective – live webinar delivery of Joint Annual Training. Learn more »

Beyond the Checklist

In spite of our best efforts, hundreds of thousands of patients die as a result of preventable medical errors or infections every year. Beyond the Checklist: What Else Healthcare Can Learn from Aviation Safety and Teamwork uses the Aviation Safety Model and Crew Resource Management to explain how health care providers can reduce the terrible financial and human toll of medical errors and injuries that harm rather than heal. Learn more »

The Keynote

Audiences will be inspired, motivated, encouraged and educated – perhaps entertained!  Patrick shares many lessons from fifty years of involvement in the aviation industry. He will demonstrate how the very successful safety model which was originally developed for commercial aviation can be used to reduce risk – and save lives – in other high reliability industries. Patrick has addressed audiences around the world, sharing his knowledge & experiences to inspire better safety outcomes in high risk or high reliability organizations. Learn more »

Safety Management Systems (SMS)

SMS has become the global standard methodology and toolset for organizational safety in aviation. Additionally, SMS is being applied to many other high-reliability organizations and industries, where even small errors or equipment failures can have serious or even catastrophic consequences. These include healthcare, transportation, utilities, security, first responders and many similar enterprises. Learn more »

Our Mission

Crew Resource Management brings adaptive strategies to risk management in High Reliability Organizations (HROs). Crew Resource Management has achieved extraordinary results in the aviation industry and CRM principles have been very successfully applied to countless other HROs including healthcare, energy, defense and first responders.

Crew Resource Management provides training in CRM, Human Factors, Maintenance Resource Management, as well as an extensive Joint Annual Training program to meet certain jurisdictional requirements. Delivery is facilitated through computer, webinar and, as the current pandemic restrictions allow, live, in-person. We are proud to be affiliated with to assist in meeting your flight department’s initial and recurrent training needs.

Crew Resource Management also provides “live” CRM and Threat and Error Management training as well as risk management consulting services for high reliability organizations.